Modern celibacy: how to stay “single” when you start dating

Singleness is the default status in modern society. We spend extended years living at home to pay off graduate debts and, when we finally fly the nest, all too often our early adulthood is a journey from unpaid intern work to low paid ‘getting on the ladder’ work. We travel through life surrounded by single friends.

But where does that leave those who choose celibacy? It was easy for our grandparents who went from school to a local dance to marriage all before they hit 21, right? What about those who choose the path of prolonged singleness within a committed relationship?

Dating like-minded Christians at is the first step positive step when facing the challenge of celibacy. For starters, there are a wealth of single Christians looking for compassion in companionship and truly understand that the commitment to celibacy is a gift rather than a problem. Dedicated Christian dating sites open the door to discussions on all aspects of Faith and God and intimacy is no exception.

But what if you find a partner who you feel us only following the path because it makes you happy? Seeing eye-to-eye on the pros of a platonic relationship can be a challenge. The key is to make sure YOU are able to celebrate your choice – so you can grow to celebrate a deeper Christian love TOGETHER.

Try allowing your conviction to energise your choice. Be joyful in your celibacy. Allow it become one of your best qualities. Don’t raise doubts all the time; show your partner it can be an easy choice and – yes – it does make you very happy.

If you stay true to your belief in saving yourself for marriage and rejoice in your choice, your positivity could equal a change of heart in your partner. Together you can create the deepest invisible bond.